Sunday, November 13, 2016

Watercolor/Stamp a Plaid

Hello friends!
We have just a few more days to enter the "Stripes & Plaid" challenge! 
Did I mention that we have 2 amazing prizes?
One winner will win a MISTI   
Most Incredible Stamping Tool Invented of his/her choice (Original or Mini)
and another will win Concord and 9th Stripe Builder 
You can find all the details here.

I set out to make a DIY plaid pattern paper and decided to use watercoloring.
Why using watercolors, you'd ask?
Imperfection is what I can easily strive for.

I rely on this stamp set "Basic Stripes" although you can totally freehand paint your own plaid/stripes.
With watercoloring, the stripes do not have to be perfectly lined up and the colors can be opaque and splotchy. It's a easy and fun way to try stamping a s plaid.

I started out with the soft colors (mainly the blue, yellow, green) and then I added the grey. That's when I thought that I "ruined" the project!!! It didn't look nice at all with the grey at first... However, I persevered and stamped the bright colors (red and navy blue). That completely changed the look! Now when you look at it, the grey actually compliments the color palette and makes all the colors stand out!
So, that's my little "finding".


With the gold-embossed deer image from "Comfort and Joy" (Winnie and Walter), I added a layer of vellum and strings. I really want to show off the homespun, retro feel of the plaid background.

from all of us

I strongly encourage you to try water-coloring stripes/plaid. I know you will have lots of fun like I did. Do make sure that you keep the watercolors somewhat dry, otherwise, when you stamp the next color, it may become all muddled!

Please keep the entries coming. The deadline is Nov. 18th (11:55pm EST).
Thanks so much for stopping by!


Dotty Jo x said...

Beautiful plaid and a super, bright and gorgeous card! Jo x

~amy~ said...

So pretty!!!

Shelly said...

This is beautiful!

LauraJane:) said...

muddled my problem..Thanks for the tips:))

Bhavana said...

very pretty and beautiful.. Thanks for the inspiration I have this stamp will try this out:)

Cindy C. said...

So beautifully done!!

Tracy Freeman said...

It looks fantastic, I am always wary to try and stamp plaid but i really do think i might try it !
I LOVE the colours you have used xxxx

Barb Ghig said...

You are so clever, Virginia! I love your retro plaid pattern, and the gray is perfect!

Maryam said...

Hi Virginia this challange is amazing , and you made it so interesting with your creative fablous cards. I didn't know we have a limit up to 4 so please could you remove my entery number 49 , it does allow me to deleted from my end .