Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hello and....Updates!

Hello! First of all, a big thank you for playing the pattern paper challenge. It is a HUGE success! I want to take this chance to thank our 8 guest designers for this challenge.

Shelly Kurth (Sweet Greetings) 
Vicky Papaioannou (Clips-n-Cuts) 
Lin Brandyberry (Sending Hugs)
Amy T. (Tsuruta Designs)  
 Iwona Palamountain ( Random Acts of Creativity) 
Miriam Prantner (Sooner rather than Later) 
Piali Biswas (TOUCH OF CREATION)  
Tracey McNeely (In My Creative Opinion) 

Not only did they inspire us with their awesome projects, they also made the time to visit some of your blogs and leave you some love! I am counting myself very lucky to have them this past month.

I am sorry to say that there is no wrap-up post for the pattern paper challenge. If you follow our Facebook page, you get the latest updates and peeks (see here). For nearly 3 weeks, I was busy traveling/cruising  in Italy, Greece and Turkey. Here is my pet cat Alexia who will give you some idea how much we have traveled...

 Venice was where we started
 Greece ( Olympia, Athens, Mitilini, Santorini, and Argostoli)
Turkey (Istanbul, Ephesus )
 We had tons of fun along the way...

The highlight of the trip? Meeting our guest designer Vicky Papaioannou in Santorini , Greece.
We had it all---heat, excitement and fun. Alexia got the chance to photo-bomb Vicky and Aris (Vicky's husband-the mastermind of InLinkz and now HangATag). What a lovely couple! 

You may have noticed that we only have one post this month and many of you did not get a comment from me (which is unlike me). It's not because your work is not being admired or appreciated, but I simply did not have the time with all the traveling.  I am enjoying this break so far. With a break, I am able to forge ahead and plan more exciting themes for the upcoming challenges. There will be more inspiration ahead, I promise you!

We have a whopping 212 entries for this challenge. In the next few days, I  (along with our panel of judges) hope to spend more time visiting your work.
Be sure to come right back on the 25th for the Spotlight Feature!
Thanks for stopping by!
PS: If interested, you can see more of the travel photos here.


Lisa Lara said...

I felt as if I was there too from your gorgeous photos Virginia. Glad you had fun.

Susie said...

What a fantastic trip! Thank you for sharing all of your lovely photos. My daughter is going to Turkey next month and I have a bit of a concern about it with all of the war going on in the Middle East. Any suggestions?

~amy~ said...

What an amazing trip and I love it when you share pictures and stories!

Thanks so much for having me as a guestie for this challenge!

lovecraftingpaper said...

Wow, Virginia, you came to Italy! I'm very happy! We were veeeery close! I hope you will come back here soon and visit other beautiful towns of my country! I can give you some suggestions for the future as I am a tour leader ^___^


Vicki Dutcher said...

Love that you took the cat too! I have to get pet sitters ;) -- How awesome you got to meet Vicky!! Really, what are the chances to meet "people you know" while traveling internationally! :) Your trip sounds amazing!!

Cindy C. said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos Virginia!! It is nice to take a break from blog land from time to time! :D

Virginia Lu said...

Thanks, everyone, for your sweet comments.

Message for Susie, the Canadian Trip advisory for Turkey ( I think US must have one, too) is"
Turkey - Exercise a high degree of caution.There is no nationwide advisory in effect for Turkey. However, you should exercise a high degree of caution due to crime, the threat of terrorist attacks, and ongoing demonstrations throughout the country. Regional Advisory for the border with Syria
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada advises against non-essential travel to the border with Syria as the security situation remains unpredictable. See Security for more information."
Here is the link:
For me, I think the best is dress CONSERVATIVELY and try to blend in with the local (when possible), keep a low profile...and do not venture to the "danger " zone. I wish your daughter a safe and enjoyable trip to Turkey. It IS a fascinating country, not doubt!

conil said...

Looks as thought the good doctor is going to push you into the canal...golly, I hope not.

Piali Biswas said...

Thanks for giving us a tour thru your them!!!
Thank you so much for having me a GDT for your challenge!

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

Yay! Always love to see your photos!!!

Helen F. said...

What beautiful photos of an amaZing trip, Virginia! Love seeing and hearing all about your wonderful adventures :-)

KayM said...

Oh what a wonderful opportunity and amazing adventure you have had! I have enjoyed seeing many of your pictures on Facebook. Glad you have had such a wonderful break and fun travels! :)

Greta said...

What a fun trip & especially getting to meet Vicky & Aris! So fun to see your pictures, Virginia!

Shelly said...

What a FUN trip!!! Looks so amazing! Thanks for sharing! :) And thanks again for having me as an Guest! ;)

alexandra s.m. said...

Thank You for sprinkling so much sunshine in my life Virginia! I love it when you share your photos with us!

Kim M said...

Great trip photos! I think it's hilarious and cool you take Alexia with you and include her in a bunch of your pictures. :-). The last two pictures are great. You and your husband are such hams! :-). LOL