Saturday, May 3, 2014

SRM Stitching Stickers!

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You may wonder why SRM Stickers are handy for is why!
Today's card is the perfect example.
thank you
I colored the center of this Poppy Flower stamp with Distress inks and water. I was inspired by Donna's card (see here). 
Ding---->how I did the stitching with SRM Stickers. By using the stitching stickers as a guide on the back of the card, I simply followed the line and stitched the zig zag pattern very easily. 
Here is how it looks close-up.
What do you think?  You can handle this. 
So go ahead and stitch something... :)
If you really are not into hand-stitching, get a fine colored pen and start drawing a dotted line
Easy peasy!
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Diane Jaquay said...

Very cool idea, thanks for sharing it! Your card is gorgeous, I adore the watercolor poppies!

Annette Allen said...

oh i love how you stitched over the SRM Stickers.. very clever and love the watercolor flowers..

Cris G said...

Great tip and very clever, using SRM Stickers as a template for stitching... but what I love the most about your card are the watercolor flowers, they look so alive!

Shelly said...

Such a sweet card! And how did I not think of using an SRM Sticker to stitch over?!...Very clever! :)