Saturday, March 8, 2014

Guest Designer-Jennifer Rzasa

Dear friends! It brings me great joy to introduce to you our very first guest designer! Since our theme is all about water-coloring, the first person that came to my mind was Jennifer Rzasa (Our Change of Art)! Jen uses watercolors like no other! From a simple design (see here and here) to a more complicated one (see here), Jen's take on water-coloring can truly make you "feel" when seeing her card! If that's not a gift, I don't know what is!? Here is her awesome video on water-coloring!
For our challenge blog, Jennifer was so sweet to create this card just for us here! 
 Isn't this card breath-taking?
Here is what Jen has to say about her card: 
"To make my card, I started by sketching out a butterfly onto heavy weight bristol paper.  I like to paint on this because it has a smooth surface and is not too expensive.   Using my trusty watercolor set, I painted a rainbow of colors, blending them along the way with some water.  Once dry, I stamped my sentiment and mounted the card to a lovely teal card base."

Big thanks to Jen for saying yes upon my request. She was super speedy and sent me her project photo the very next day! Please stop by Jen's blog (here) and leave her some blog love!

I was very inspired by Jen's butterfly card, so I decided to make one with my own twist.011
How fun is water-coloring? You can find out all the details about this card in my blog Yes, Virginia..

I have some very exciting news to announce in my next post and I can't wait to share. If we hit 100 followers sooner than my next post, I will share the happy news over Facebook page!

edited:  Thank you, Carol McCready, for becoming the 100th followers! Yay! Here is the FB message: Alright, alright, ALRIGHT! We have reached 100 blog followers in our one-week old challenge blog! The breaking news is...we have an official monthly sponsor! Hope you are excited!
Thanks for stopping by!


Barb said...

I love Jen's gorgeous, watercolor butterfly and your take on it is so beautiful, V!

Sue McRae said...

That is one gorgeous butterfly! Love how the colours meld!

Amanda said...

I'm follower #99! How exciting is that? I love your new challenge blog. Can't wait to see what's ahead!

Carol McCready said...

Your card is fabulous! I'm follower #100. Looks like I have to create an entry to celebrate.

Robin K. said...

That's one gorgeous flutterby! And that's some excellent news about the number of followers the challenge blog has after a week!!!

Karen said...

Congrats mf on another very successful and fun blog with great challenges. Hope my card is ok for this one...I did watercolour over a stencil.

Katie Ann Brooks said...

Both cards are gorgeous!!!!

Kelly Griglione said...

Wowee, both gorgeous cards!! You don't give yourself enough credit, Virginia ... you did an awesome CASE of Jen's card!!

And YAY that Michele is sponsoring your first challenge. I'm sure she will be the first of many : )

Shelly said...

GORGEOUS cards!!! :)